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Odd Body Modelling Jobs Where You Can Earn A Living

Sure you must think for one to become a model, you must tall, young, skinny and beyond beautiful, or at least that’s what the industry makes us believe. Well that is agency standard, for them to market you for ads, commercials and photoshoots you must meet their requirements, and if it means eating 2 sticks of celery and a grape to stay in shape, I guess you must then. The modelling industry is a very saturated one, 90%+ chance of not getting the job hoped for. After a full week of 4 auditions per day, you might get 1 call back or none at all. So how can one seemingly make a living in such a market? Obviously there are other ways which one can be a model earn a living. This could be achieved by modelling specific parts of your body, or completely odd forms of modelling. So below are some unconventional modelling jobs. Below are some odd body modeling jobs.

Art Modelling

Drawing or painting the human body is probably the most basic forms of artistic expressions, and yet it is still very difficult. Your job description is to pose while the students get to practice and improve their skills, which is the only way to get better. So art teachers or instructors often search for models that would pose for their picture to be drawn. Most times you have to be fully nude but other times you can remain with your clothes on, it totally depends on the job. Due to the explosion of online scam ads you are better off reaching out to local schools. There is no body shape categorization, you’ll find out that these students, or artists just want to draw the human body in all shapes and sizes.

Parts Model

Hands, feet, and legs are the most requested body part modelling for both sexes. Hand and foot models are frequently featured in print advertisement. One can make large sums of money a day from either hand, leg or foot displays. You could earn up to 1000USD a day for television commercials, and between 2000-5000USD a day for print work. You may have gorgeous hands or feet but would still need to work them for the camera. To elevate your chances of making it in the parts modelling market, it is best to work with people that have direct connections and experience in this industry.

All categories do not care how your entire body looks like, but either of the hand foot or leg has to be perfect. For hands both male and female models need to have perfect hands, they are to be long and slender and should be able to fit sample jewelry and glove sizes. Foot models should have straight toes, attractive ankles, slender feet, and matching toe nails. Legs models legs are to be long and shapely, free from blemishes properly waxed (for women) and not too hairy or muscular (for men).

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