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How to Make Money as a Webcam Model?

A webcam model is a video entertainer who is streamed in the World Wide Web using a live webcam transmission. It is an occupation where a webcam model regularly executes erotic performances like stripping in order to get attention, goods, or money. With the innovation of technology, the webcam models are able to make their own live webcast in the comforts of their own homes, and can also be done in a studio. Camming is the term used for performances or activities done by the webcam models to earn from their clients, and the camming sites are the third-party hosting website that makes it possible for the webcam models to stream their videos.

There is money in camming

Camming definitely is a multi-billion dollar industry. The camming sites are streaming real time video presentations of the webcam models, and the streaming is categorized into private with per minute viewing or free viewing with tips. The model will receive a percentage from the hosting website, industry rate is between 20-25%. The camming sites makes sure that the webcam model is 18 years old or above, and validate all information through documentations. They make it possible for models to reach millions of audience, and maintain the site.

Private viewing

Private viewing is where a webcam model gives a private show to her client, and the pay is per minute. The client can ask the model to perform things live, and if it is within the rules and limits of the model, the act can be done. The client pays using a credit card that is directly paid to the third-party hosting site, and not to the model’s account.

Free viewing

Free viewing is where a webcam model can be seen by everyone for free, but there are electronic tokens that the audience can give to the model as tips. The audience can ask the model to do something, and in return, the audience can thank the model by giving tips.


The webcam models can communicate with their audience through live chat, or through speaking. With private viewing, communication is mostly verbal. Since it is only the model and the client who are active in the live streaming. For free viewing, typically conversation is made through chat since there is only one chat room for all. Even if the model is not online, the audience can still pay for their recorded videos, or buy them items from their wish list, or buy them some goods from the site.

No-nudity camming

Webcam models can earn money without showing their skin. There are private live streaming that are meant for clients who have emotional grievances that they cannot share with people they know, and feels comfortable talking to complete strangers instead. The models are there to provide friendly conversation, just listening and providing emotional support to the clients. The more engaging and sympathetic the models are, the more money is coming in. The models just need to be friendly and empathic at all times.

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