Model's Earning

How to earn a living as a model? How much do they make?

A model is an individual who embarks on a role to display, promote or advertise certain commercial products of fashion, or whom function as a graphic aid for people who are making art works or a person who poses for pornography. Modelling types are fashion, fitness, bikini, glamour, body-part, fine art, and commercial and promotional print models. Models are featured in various media presentations like magazines, books, newspapers, films, television, and internet.

Modelling as a living

A model can be in various modeling jobs and earn a lot of money. People pay for beauty and elegance, and models in different categories are providing what the audience needs.

Fashion modelling

Runway models showcase fashion clothes from fashion designers, consumers, and media. They are known as “live models” who needs to be at least 5’6” tall for omen, and at least 5’8” for men, who can live up to the hectic schedule of travelling, cope with constant change of make-up and clothing. They stand, walk, turn, to provide the best angles of their modeled clothes to the audience.

Fashion models are earning a range between $52,000 and $624,000 annually, though especially rare top fashion models earn a staggering $8-$9 million per year.

Glamour modelling

Glamour models are more engrossed on sexuality and there is no general requirement to it. They perform modeling for calendars, men’s magazines, they do bikini modeling, fetish modeling, lingerie modeling, modeling work in films, and music videos.

A glamour model can earn around $15,720 annually, and for more successful glamour model, they are earning $39,000 to $65,500 per year.

Alternative modelling

Alternatives models have styles including punk, fetish, goth, tattoos, or those with distinctive bodily characteristics. Alternative modeling typically is a cross between art modeling and glamour modeling, and the alternative models are earning up to $72,000 per year, especially for fetish models.

Parts modelling

Parts models are those who are paid to promote products using their body parts, like the hand, feet, and legs. The specific body parts for modelling must be perfect. Parts models are earning up to $75,000 annually.

Fitness modelling

Fitness models are individuals who have a healthy, perfectly toned physique that are needed to promote a fitness product or facility. Fitness models are earning around $30,539 for starters, up to $88,770 for professional fitness models per year.

Gravure idols

A gravure idol or gradol is a female Japanese model who poses seductively in a men’s magazine, DVDs, or photobooks. A gravure idol earns around $16,200 to $32,400 per year.

Commercial print and on-cameta modelling

Commercial print and on-camera models appear in print ads for television commercials and non-fashion products, and they are typically not exclusive. These models are earning between $96,000 to $300,000 per year.

Art modelling

Art models pose for visual artists and earns around $33,000 to $47,000 annually.

Instagram modelling

Instagram models are promoting products using their social media. Their income varies, since they are paid per post. They can earn $5,000, and the major influencers are earning around $4 million.

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